Chef's Biography

Chef Byron Revelo

Byron Revelo


He was born in the city of Quito, Ecuador, 35 years ago. Graduated from the University of the Americas, Master in Hospitality Management at the "University School of Hospitality and Tourism of Sant Pol de Mar" in Spain.

He is currently a professor at the School of Gastronomy at UDLA, carrying out projects to connect with the community, health and responsible consumption, and is also an Internal Auditor of the ISO 22000 Standard.

He has given talks, conferences and workshops on healthy eating to different sectors of Ecuadorian society such as the "Ministry of Public Health" "FF-AA" and "Maquita Corporation". Additionally, he participated as a forista in the International Forum “FUTURE FOOD SOVEREIGNTY FOR LATIN AMERICA”. He has written a book (it is in the editing phase) where he exposes the scientific evidence of how a diet with integral products of plant origin, can prevent, treat and in some cases reverse chronic non-communicable diseases, the environmental impact that the planet suffers to cause of livestock and agronomy focused on the consumption of products of animal origin, history and philosophy of Veganism.

He has participated in medical brigades by the hand of health specialists, where he has taught low-income populations to eat healthily, in order to improve their living standards.


WHAT WE ARE DINING ROOM - Quito, Ecuador January 2008-May 2008: Department of A&B Line Cook 1


HEMISPHERIES CATERING- Quito, Ecuador. June 2008-December 2009:: A&B Department, Executive Chef


EL TOBAR (4 Stars Restaurant) - Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA. July 2009-September 2009: A&B Department, Cook 3


FLASH BACK ROCK AND GRILL-Quito, Ecuador. January 2011-March 2011: Department of A&B Line Cook 1


EL TOBAR (4 Stars Restaurant) - Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA. April 2011-April 2012: Department of A&B, Line Cook 1


PALAFOX HOTEL - Zaragoza - Spain, June 2013 - December 2013: Department of A&B, Maitre (Head of Room)


THE BAZZAR BY JOSE ANDRES - Miami - Florida - USA, December 2013 - December 2014: Department of A&B Starting Chef


TURQUOISE CAY - BOUTIQUE HOTEL - Exuma - Bahamas, December 2014 - February 2015: Department of A&B Executive Sous Chef


UNIVERSITY OF THE AMERICAS (UDLA) Quito - Ecuador, March 2015 - CURRENT WORK: Faculty of Gastronomy