Chef's Biography

Chef Paul Flores

Paul Flores


He was born in the city of Cuenca- Ecuador, 31 years ago. Graduated in gastronomy at the University of Cuenca, he had the opportunity to travel to Spain and France to deepen his knowledge in his profession, where thanks to his dedication and passion for cooking he won two important achievements that defined his future: the first place in SABE competition and in the Culinary Cup of the Americas. Thanks to these awards, he was a chef in European restaurants such as “Corregidor” in Cáceres, Spain and “Le Bateau Ivre” in Aix Les Bains, France.

Finally, he decided to gain experience in Montevideo, Uruguay, promoting the local Ecuadorian cuisine “Plant based” together with the Embassy of Ecuador, offering workshops and dinners. Thanks to its 10 years of culinary experience, Paúl becomes one of the pioneers in vegan and conscious gastronomy in Ecuador in the city of Cuenca, opening its innovative and creative restaurant “Café Libre - Vegetarian & Plant Based Cuisine” that is dedicated to provide "a nutritious, fresh, healthy and unpretentious cuisine."


Some other events in which Chef Paúl Flores has participated in the last few years are:

Speaker TedX Young Cuenca "The Art of the Five Senses" 2017

“Therapy” Cooking Workshop for ambassadors from Asia and Europe at the Embassy of Ecuador in Montevideo, Uruguay in 2017

Gastronomic Dinner Tour, Uruguay, Montevideo in 2017.

Speaker at the "Latin American Congress of Gastronomy" Held in Havana 2011

Champion of the "Culinary Cup of the Americas 2010"

Champion "Culinary Contest SABE 2010"