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We are a team composed of professionals from various areas whose main interest is to promote vegan philosophy through gastronomy. For this reason, we have created Ur Vegan Life, a space in which we can offer and share information about restaurants, products, recipes and events with the aim of carrying out actions that enrich vegan life.

Our Purpose It is breaking the myths that exist around vegan food that, in addition to not using animals as a resource under any circumstances, is healthy based on plants. Therefore, from our experience and with the support of professionals we want to strengthen and establish synergies with people and companies that share the same ideology.

Our Vegan Life

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I am a film producer and organizer of events by vocation in favor of animals and the planet. At the end of 2016 I decided to change my lifestyle, with a healthier and more balanced diet. Now plants are my best allies and I am sure that veganism represents the true philosophy of human life. I believe in a world full of peace and respect for others, and I think that if we cook with love we can feed the soul. Ur Vegan life is an inspiration to me, since it was created in order to change some habits that can make a difference in our lives.

Feature Media


I am a Business Administrator specialized in Marketing. For several years I worked in advertising for companies related to entertainment. Less than a year ago, I decided to turn my life around, starting from my eating habits, being aware that these changes take care of animals and the planet. I decided that if I wanted to be constantly happy, I needed to be healthy. It was actually a combination of life lessons that allowed me to find my purpose and focus my energy on love, respect and health. That is why through Ur Vegan Life, I share a real and personal story, with the intention of showing me as I am in my life.